What's Baking Spatula and FAQ

What's Baking Spatula and FAQ

A baking spatula is specifically designed to assist with baking tasks. It has a very narrow blade, allowing the baker to use it in tight quarters without the risk of messing up. The blade is also flat, not at all curved or rounded, and extremely flexible so that it can be bent and torqued easily. Many kitchen supplies stores sell them, and they come in an assortment of blade lengths and styles. They are essential for making professional quality cakes and can also be useful around the kitchen for other tasks.

The primary application for a baking spatula is frosting cakes. The blade can be used to spread icing onto a cake and smooth it out so that it has an even and aesthetically appealing look. One can also be used to a similar end on other foods where a smooth appearance is desired. In some cases, the spatula is also designed to double as a serving utensil, and some companies make ones with a serrated edge for cutting cakes.


There are two primarily styles of baking spatula. A straight blade spatula has a blade that runs straight in one line from the tip to the handle. An offset spatula has an angled blade, distancing the hand of the user from the cooking project. For small cakes and precision projects, an offset spatula can be very useful. If a cook often ends up with his or her hands in the frosting, this type is crucial.

Silicone spatulas are among the most useful cooking tools in the kitchen, especially for baking. Because they are soft and flexible they will not scratch cookware but will help you get the most food off the sides of bowls and pans. They are also sturdy and difficult to break. Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the Procession silicone spatulas:

Q. Do they absorb odors like some plastic or wooden spatulas do?

A. Webake Silicone spatulas have been tested on a wide variety of foods, odors, and tastes, and have been proven to not absorb any odors or flavors from the food. They are also stain-resistant and are as good as new after washing.

Q. Can you use them for mixing?

A. If you are mixing an especially dense food, then you may prefer to use a sturdy spoon, which is designed for that purpose. For mixing or spreading light mixtures like cake batter, however, Webake silicone spatulas work very well.

Q. What is the best way to wash them?

A. Webake Silicone spatulas are dishwasher safe and can also be washed by hand in warm soapy water.

Q. Will they melt if exposed to high heat?

A. Webake spatulas are heat resistant up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit. They might melt if left sitting on your frying pan at high heat, but for most cooking jobs, they are perfectly suitable.

Q. Do the spatula heads come off?

A. Unlike wooden spatulas with plastic heads or plastic with silicone heads, Webake spatula are molded together as one seamless piece of silicone. This prevents the heads from coming off and keeps any water or food from getting inside the heads and growing mold.

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