Tools for Baking Cake

Tools for Baking Cake

When first starting out with the cake decorating and baking, there are quite a large amount of tools you might need/want to buy straight away.  Not all the items are necessary, but they are all practical and will make baking and cake decorating more enjoyable and often also quicker.

1-Cake Pans

You could probably fill your kitchen with a wide variety of cake pans- there are thousands to choose from! They are of course, very important for baking any cake. I recommend starting with a set of round pans as well as a set of square pans. About 3-4 sizes of round and square pans will suffice and with these basic shapes, you will be able to create almost any cake you need to. A cake pan that has at least a two-inch high side is preferable- anything skinnier will not hold much cake batter and anything taller just takes up too much space in the kitchen.

Cake pan

2-Rubber Spatulas

You can't truly know the joys of using a rubber spatula until you have scraped your first bowl with one. Rubber spatulas conform to the sides of the bowl as you mix and make sure every ounce of your ingredients are incorporated into your batter. They are easy to clean and last for years upon years.
Buy a set that has a few sizes of rubber spatulas as you will find yourself using them for everything in the kitchen, not just cake making!

Rubber Spatulas

3-Metal Spatulas

If you plan on icing your cakes, an offset spatula is necessary. Offset spatulas have a very straight edge which makes it easy to keep the frosting on the sides of your cake nice and straight.
While there are many sizes of offset spatulas, I recommend getting a large one and also a small one. Both sizes have their benefits and as you make more and more cakes, you will find more and more uses for this awesome tool!

Metal Spatulas

 4-Cake Decorating

There are a million different types of pastry tips that you can buy and each one makes its own cool little pattern. Luckily, there are convenient sets of pastry tips already picked out for you! While a simple star tip, round tip, and writing tip would do just fine, a set of 10+ pieces doesn’t cost much more and will give you endless decorating options.


Even if you are lucky enough to have a stand mixer with a whisk attachment, you will still want to buy at least one nice whisk to have in your kitchen cake making collection. From whipping eggs to fluffing four, a whisk is a tool you will find yourself reaching for again and again.

6-Cake Stan

Once you have used all of your awesome cake-making tools, you will want to display that beautiful cake you made. Choose a simple cake stand that will compliment a wide array of cake styles however also make sure to consider your own personal style when choosing a cake stand. Cakes can, after all, be the perfect centerpiece for any table.

If you have all of these tools checked of your list and stocked in your kitchen then you are more than ready to bake some amazing cakes!

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