Some Tips on How to Use Silicone Molds for Baking

Some Tips on How to Use Silicone Molds for Baking

Baking with silicone molds is easy and they come in many shapes and sizes which makes the whole process of baking a lot more interesting and fun. They are made of a nonstick silicone material and can be washed and reused as many times as you want while available at affordable prices. If you’re tired of constantly washing greasy pans, using silicone molds instead can be the solution you’ve been looking for! 

There Are Some Baking Tips for Silicone Molds

1) Using Smaller Silicone Molds

Baking with silicone molds is becoming more and more popular, with so many chefs including them in their cooking. Smaller molds are more practical and affordable, thus easier to find and use. Equip yourself with some regular-shaped cupcake molds, as well as with some interesting shapes – hearts or stars or ...

2) Minding Temperature

Silicone molds can be put in the oven,they are usually very heat-resistant and can be used even at very low or high temperatures. Although many smaller silicone molds can withstand temperatures up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, you should check every piece of bakeware separately.

3) choosing Wisely

The market has a lot to offer on silicone molds. Shapes and sizes are numerous, but the practicality varies that doesn’t mean they are practical enough. Many molds are very small and if you are preparing something for a larger group of people, you’ll have to do more than one batch, Go for regularly-shaped molds of average sizes and avoid cute or tiny shapes.

4) Checking the Quality

Checking the quality of your silicone molds is a must if you’re interested in buying a quality product. Baking in silicone is really easy and great, but only if the pan or the mold are made of 100% silicone, without added fillers.
How can you check your silicone mold is made of pure silicone? You should do the pinch test – pinch the silicone and twist it a bit. Once you do that and the color of it stays the same, you’re dealing with a 100% silicone mold. If it turns white, it was probably mixed with some other material and you should steer clear of that one.

5) Recycling and Reusing

Silicone molds can be used for many more things than baking. Since molds temperature goes from low to very high, they are freezer, fridge, oven, and microwave safe. They can be used and reused as many times as you want, but make sure to take good care of them by washing them regularly and storing them properly.
If you have children, you can use them to freeze little pieces of food or meat for them and avoid throwing away meals. Their creative shapes make them great for containers, lunch or snack trays and even homemade DIY products.

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