Can Silicone Bakeware Cause Cancer?

Can Silicone Bakeware Cause Cancer?

When it comes to the materials used in cookware and utensils,with innovations in the materials used, there are often questions of safety and suitability. Silicone bakeware is a convenient alternative to metal and glass, with nonstick properties that make preparation and cleanup a breeze. Some home bakers say that it’s dangerous, pointing to a cancer risk caused by synthetic materials.

Silicone is Safe When Produced the Right Way

Silicone bakeware doesn’t cause cancer. It’s important that we clear that up right away. There’s no reliable evidence to suggest that using silicone bakeware is detrimental to your health. But it is also important to point out that not all silicone bakeware is created equal.
You should only use food-safe bakeware that is made from 100% silicone without additives. Some additives, including BPA (Bisphenol A), can increase the risk of cancer through hormonal interference.
Most of the silicone and plastics used for food storage, preparation, and cooking are BPA-free. But you’ll need to check labeling and product descriptions to be sure.

Silicone is Stable in Temperature Extremes 

Silicon is non-reactive and won’t leach components into your food.
This makes it a safer alternative to aluminum and the nonstick treatments applied to metal bakeware. 100% food-grade silicone is typically safe in temperatures up to 570°F. Although, for safety and to prolong the life of products, most manufacturers will rate their silicone bakeware products up to temperatures around 450°F. You can use silicone bakeware in your oven, with most recipes calling for temperatures below 400°F. One of the practical advantages of silicone is that you can also put the material into your fridge or freezer. It’s perfectly safe for short and long-term food storage.

Bake in Confidence with Silicone Bakeware

100% silicone bakeware doesn’t cause cancer and there aren’t any known health risks associated with the material. It’s affordable and contains all the essentials for home baking, including trays, pans, and some basic utensils. The silicone is 100% food-grade and made without BPA to ensure that it’s safe for your entire family.


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